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Kelly Bowles, LCSW

Change is a transformative process, often marked by uncertainty and introspection.


My name is Kelly Bowles, LCSW, and I'm here to guide you through it. With years of experience as a Psychotherapist, I offer a safe, empathetic, and non-judgmental space where you can explore your emotions. Whether you're grappling with depression, anxiety, grief, or PTSD, know that there is hope. I specialize in supporting individuals, couples, and families through their unique challenges. Together, we navigate the decisions that lead to healing and growth, empowering you to embrace a brighter future.

In addition to my years of experience working as a Clinical Social Worker, I have received specialized training in Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART) and Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR). These evidence-based techniques have proven highly effective in addressing trauma, anxiety, and other mental health symptoms. By integrating these approaches into our therapy sessions, we can work towards resolving past traumatic experiences to alleviate distress in a more efficient and targeted manner. My commitment to staying abreast of cutting-edge therapies reflects my dedication to providing comprehensive and effective care to my clients.

Furthermore, I have found a passion in providing counseling for couples impacted by ADHD. I specialize in collaborating with couples to help them overcome the challenges and dynamics that arise in relationships impacted by Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

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