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Madison and Marty

A Time to Shine! is now available for purchase through Amazon. Thank you so much for your support with my debut book for the series. Writing this chapter series is a labor of love as I believe in empowering girls with self-esteem, kindness, and when following your dreams you will succeed . "Little girls with dreams become women with vision"

With Love, Trish

Madison and Marty- A Time to Shine Children's Book

Madison and Marty, twin 10 year old sisters have been practicing for months to attend a competition for their all girl band. On the day of the competition Madison has a big secret and only her twin sister Marty can help her develop a plan to overcome this challenge. Together, the twins battle bullying from a mean girl, learn the rewards from hard work, create a bond with family, and many other challenges to realize the true meaning of faith in God; and of loving one another . . . no matter what.

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