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Please call our office to learn about current groups (434) 219-5621

Our Counselors

Tara Cothren LPC

Tara Cothren, LPC

Debbie Kleinsmith

Debbie Kleinsmith, Psy.D. 

Debra Crowder

Debra Crowder, LPC 

Jane Snider

Jane Snider, LPC

Adam Cothren

Adam Cothren, LPC 

Sandra Noble

Sandra Noble, PhD, LPC (VA & OR), CEDS, NCC


Kim Epperley

Kim Epperly, LPC

Sara Goins

Sara Goins, LPC 


Kathryn Braswell

Kathryn Braswell, LPC 

Gwen Seiler

Gwen Seiler, LPC 

Shannon Soto

Shannon Soto, Resident in Counseling

Emily Woody

Emily Woody, LPC,CEDS 

Ryan Smith

Ryan Smith, LPC

LeeAnna Warner

LeeAanna Warner, LPC 

Gabbie Mauk

Gabbie Mauk, LPC 

Sherri Meyer

Sherri Meyer, MS, RD, CEDS

Amy Scott

Amy Scott Roupe, LPC 

Christina Cunningham

Christina Cunningham, Resident in Counseling

Jordyn Chaverri

Jordyn Chaverri, Resident in Counseling

Skylar Turner

Skylar Turner, Resident in Counseling 

Geoffrey Dill

 Geoffrey Dill, Resident in Counseling

Emily Wingfield

Emily Wingfield, LPC

Kelly Carapezza

Kelly Carapezza, PhD, LPC, NCC

Kelly Bowles

Kelly Bowles, LCSW

Jordyn Wright

Jordyn Wright, Practicum Student

Geena Jones

Geena Jones, LPC

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